[Rahuna with Gospel Singer Harold Jones]

Not much to say about the "Harold Jones Sessions" except that he's a guy I worked with when I first started working for Xerox. He was looking to make a demo record and he found out I was in a band. He made all of the studio arrangements and paid for everything except us. I think we played for free with the understanding we'd get some free copies of the 45's and would get the band's name on the record label. The recording was done at a local studio somewhere on Culver Road, I think. We put down the tracks in only a handful of 'takes'. Instruments first, vocals after. After we put down the instrument tracks, I was extremely disappointed to find out he had never really bothered to learn the words to the songs. He was going to just wing it and let his soulful inner self substitute for knowing the lyrics. It took many takes to get the vocal tracks down. Either he finally got it 'close enough' or he ran out of studio time, I don't know which. I don't know who did the final mix or when it was done, because he took care of all of that. He left Xerox not too long afterwards and I haven't seen or heard of him since. Still, it was a good experience.