Matt, some more historical information: The two Rahuna flyers were drawn by Bob Martin who was the manager for the band at the time. The Porky Pig picture was drawn by Richard Lanze, brother of guitarist and good friend Tom Lanze. This art is reflective of the early 70's - the whole Nixon/Spiro Agnew era. The shooting of college students by Police at Kent State University and other anti-demonstrator police tactics were still fresh in our minds, not to mention Irondequoit Police activities in cracking down on pot-smoking Eastridge High School students made the local 'pigs' ripe targets for ridicule.

I don't know who put together the Unit Flyer. It looks like a Mark Peters/Steve Letkauskas collaboration. The "EC People" referred to on the Eisenhower College ticket stub was supposed to be a few of the resident students who were going to be playing some acoustic stuff as a warm-up act. They never showed up. Or perhaps they did, but when they saw Haji with two truckloads of amps and equipment and us with our one truck, they quietly slipped back into the crowd. Haji was a Genesis tribute band with full theatre-rock makeup, great lights and sound. They were a very good band from Pennsylvania with one exception: the drummer couldn't hold a beat for anything. He was constantly speeding up and slowing down; it used to drive me crazy listening to them.

- - Mark

September 25, 2007