[The Fulton Raceway Concert]

The sound quality of the recordings are poor at best and you will hear Tom's keyboard is way out of tune in some spots, but it is a slice of reality. OK, so this recording was made on stage at on open air concert at Fulton Raceway. It was some local promoter's idea of another Woodstock featuring local bands. The headliner for the show was "Blood, Sweat and Tears". Because of the anticipated crowds, there were all kinds of NYS Police there. Probably one policeman for every three people in the crowd. It was a big joke.

There's a story behind all of the car horns honking at the end of one of the songs. Some band from who knows where showed up without any equipment of any kind. They asked us if they could use ours. When we said 'No, but thanks for asking', they stormed off in a huff honking their car horns at us as they drove past the stage on their way out. Unbelievable!

I just ran across another stack of cassette tapes, so I'm looking to see what's on those. The first one I listened to has a Rahuna practice session. Nothing worth posting, in my opinion, but it's interesting for me to hear bits and snatches of what eventually became songs of ours.

The band members at the time were Mark Peters on guitar, Tom Letkauskas on keyboards and vocals, myself on drums and Duke (can't remember his last name, but Tom would - something Polish, I know) on bass guitar.